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BYOL: Ronnie’s Local 069

by Jodie James Elliott

Bring Your Own Lunch is a new series that visits bars and locals around the city that do not serve food. You are thereby welcome to bring your own.

IMG_0775It is an unattractive little shack in Kensington Market with an aluminum siding façade. Along its eastern, graffitied exterior is a phalanx of recycling and trash bins, stowed away in an inaccessible little courtyard and plastered in pigeon shit. Attached to its western exterior is a music store where, on Sunday afternoons from the sun-blasted patio, you can hear teenaged boys testing their repertoire of awkward riffs on electric guitars. An outsider may dismiss it at first glance as being a bit sketchy, and keep on walking. But this is because the outsider is unable to see what is actually taking place here, and what makes Ronnie’s special. It is more than just a bar popular among its staunch regulars, it is a successful example of a functioning social space. Continue reading

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